23 janeiro 2014

Como caem as mai lindas: guia passo-a-passo.

Ontem mandei um tralho das escadas abaixo. (digo das escadas abaixo porque já tenho caído das escadas acima, bem mais difícil, mas isso fica para outro dia)
Dizia eu que me esbardalhei pelas escadas aqui de casa, já de carteira e tudo, prontíssima para sair.
Estou bem - obrigada por perguntarem - sem grandes maleitas além de quatro hematomas nas canelas, para mais tarde recordar. Mas lá que não foi bonito, não foi. O que acontece é que podia ter sido, se tivesse lido mais cedo este artigo da ELLE, que é um Guia passo-a-passo de como caem as mai lindas, lá nas suas passadeiras. É ler:

During fashion week, we’re usually reminded that models, just like us, can fall flat on their faces. Like, today, when a pretty young thing took a tumble in a gorgeous Elie Saab couture number.
She maintained her composure throughout, which inspired this step-by–step guide to falling beautifully.
1. It’s all about the dress, hair, and makeup. If you want to look beautiful while falling you have to look beautiful in general.
2. Take long strides to make the fall more dramatic, almost balletic.
3. When you feel your trip about to start, spread your wings as though you’re about to take flight. It is essential at this point to maintain your facial composure. Keep your jaw and eyes relaxed. Give the appearance that you don’t care.
Photo: Getty Images
4. When you hit the ground, make sure to emphasize whatever accessories you may be wearing. If it’s a ring you want to show off, point your fingers upwards, displaying the object's shine. This is when the face becomes of the utmost importance. SMIZE!
5. Now you’ll be on the ground. Don’t be alarmed. This was the goal. Appear quietly confident and highlight your garment to the best of your ability.
6. Whenever possible, take a #selfie

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