29 março 2010

More than we are

There’s this thing that happens when people find out you’re a doctor. They stop seeing you as a person, and begin to see you as something bigger than you are. They have to see us that way, as gods. Otherwise, we’re just like everyone else – unsure, flawed, normal. So we act strong, we remain stoic. We hide the fact that we’re all too human.

Patients see us as gods. Or, they see us as monsters. But the fact is, we’re just people. We screw up. We lose our way. Even the best of us have our off days. Still, we move forward. We don’t rest on our laurels or celebrate the lives we saved in the past. Because there’s always some other patient that needs our help. So, we force ourselves to keep trying, to keep learning… in the hope that maybe, someday, we’ll come just a little bit closer to the gods our patients need us to be.

Grey's Anatomy

Para já vejo tudo de fora e sei que é verdade. Um dia, quem sabe, serei eu a querer com muita força ser capaz de fazer o impossível para mudar o destino de alguém.
Nothing but a mere human who plays with someone's God-made destiny...

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  1. a menina ja descobriu como e que pos assim o blog? lembra-se de eu lhe ter pedido? Sim? entao trabalhe x)

  2. mary: querias saber o quê?, já não me lembro...
    o fundo e layout fui buscar ao www.bloggertemplatesfree.com

  3. queria saber como é que punhas as datas assim, tipo separador.

  4. ah, pois era! escolhe um desses templates e há-de aparecer automáticamente! bj


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